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There is one forbidden word in the language of CSI. At the mere utterance of this word, most crime scene investigators will cringe. You'll rarely hear a CSI use this word... Not in public, at least.

That word, in case you were curious, is "admire". Allow me to explain.

We're all trying to position ourselves as the "best in the universe". It's no different with crime scene investigators. Just about every crime scene investigator is pushing themselves on the net claims that he or she is the best around and that no one else knows what they are doing.

We Erroneously Assume That By
Admiring Someone We Are Taking
Ourselves Down A Notch.

The fact is... it doesn't matter what line of work you're in, we all at some point in our working lives study the works of others. I'll be the first to tell you that I'm constantly reading... learning... revising my tactics in my business...

I'm going to break the code of silence, though. There is a crime scene investigator out there who, I am not ashamed to say, I truly admire.

This is a guy who, many years ago, saved my life and taught me how to sharpen my powers of observation that forever changed the way I do business. But when it comes to CSI though, this information is absolutely essential.

(Note: The techniques he uses work not only for uncovering vital evidence in a crime scene, but can also be applied to just about any situation where you need to find out information, uncover the truth and sharpen your powers of observation.)

This man's name is Eric Tackett. He's been a law enforcement officer, private investigator and a fully licensed dive instructor. Eric has extensive knowledge and expertise in crime scene investigation. These CSI techniques I'm talking about are ALL carefully detailed in his amazing book entitled: Underwater Crime Scene Investigation.

Law Enforcement Diver

It's the first book of its kind to provide comprehensive training open water course instruction. This exclusive work is the official course text for a PADI approved Distinctive Specialty course. The text has also been used by law enforcement divers throughout the U.S. and the world.

The book provides detailed information on organizing, training and specialized equipment, as well as establishing and... protecting crime scene boundaries, underwater navigation, search patterns, light salvage technique, locating, preserving and processing evidence recovered from under water. In addition, it provides guidelines for processing boats, planes and submerged autos, underwater crime scene sketches, photography and more.

Eric has since gone on to publish many other works for Emergency Service Divers, Staged Traffic Accidents Guide, Uncovering Insurance Fraud and Investigating Health Care Fraud.

However, I still think Eric's manuscript on underwater crime scene investigation is his absolute best. To me, any manual that can condense the secrets of CSI into such a short, and easy to understand book is worth its weight in gold.

California Investigative Academy CSI Publication

UCSI by California Investigative Academy

This brand-new CSI publication is a no holds barred, 142 pages softcover manuscript from fully licensed dive instructor Eric Tackett

Inside you'll get to read some of the best advice, tips and tricks you'll find online today... 

"It's Packed With Pure CSI Gold!"

Get the insider story on the most up-to-date, eagerly anticipated and talked about underwater crime scene investigation techniques!

Discover the core secrets of CSI investigation that you can use to enhance your skills, daily life and business.

Prepare to be blown away!


Not only does it teach you how to identify clues in a crime scene, ferret out all of the evidence but how to get to the very bottom of the truth. It also teaches you how to greatly enhance your power of observation. I use Eric's techniques all the time whenever I need to get to the bottom of things and discover the truth in a matter.

Eric gave me a copy of this book a while back. The first time I started to read it... I literally couldn't put it down! Truly, it is riveting stuff! But I warn you, some of these techniques are a bit controversial.

If you want to operate from a position of power then you'll need your own copy of this highly controversial new book.

Table of Contents:

 Chapter 1 - The Team

 Chapter 2 - Equipment

 Chapter 3 - Areas, Conditions & Hazards

 Chapter 4 - Establishing Crime Scene Boundaries

 Chapter 5 - Underwater Navigation

 Chapter 6 - Search Patterns

 Chapter 7 - Light Salvage Technique

 Chapter 8 - Evidence

 Chapter 9 - Marking, Packing & Transporting

 Chapter 10 - Boats, Planes & Automobiles

 Chapter 11 - Photography & Crime Scene Sketches

 Chapter 12 - Diver Safety

 Chapter 13 - Underwater Communications

Total Satisfaction Guarantee!

Get this amazing investigative publication today - Look it over, study the material, take notes then apply even just a little of this powerful information in your daily life and business - If you aren't completely satisfied then let me know...

I'll refund your payment, in full and without question for the next 60 days...That's not just a guarantee it's a rock solid promise!


Get Your Copy Today!

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